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Ensuring Your Emails Land Where They Belong: The Inbox.

Hello! I'm Tom Sather and I'm an expert in deliverability with 20+ years in the field. My key focus is deliverability consulting. I've worked with ISPs, ESPs, and big names like Return Path and Validity.

At Return Path, I started the professional services group. I've helped major brands like Facebook and Twitter with their deliverability challenges. Now, I offer independent deliverability consulting services.


  • Email Deliverability Audits: I check if your emails reach inboxes.
  • Setup for Success: I handle all technical deliverability setups.
  • Email Marketing Strategies: I create plans that work.
  • Compliance Help: I keep your emails on the right side of the law.
  • Engagement Analysis: I find out what your subscribers like.
  • Deliverability Training: I teach your team about deliverability.

My Approach:

I put subscribers first. This helps your emails connect better. As a deliverability consultant, I blend your goals with deliverability best practices. This means more effective emails and happier customers.

Ready to improve your email game? Let's talk deliverability!

Get in touch

Send me an email at tom@emaillookout.com, or grab some time on my calendar.

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